Our Founder: Bishop Glennon Patrick Flavin (1916-1995)

Holy Life

FounderBishop Glennon Patrick Flavin was born in St. Louis, Missouri on March 2, 1916. He was the youngest of six children, two girls and four boys. He attended Kenrick Seminary and was ordained on December 20, 1941. In 1948 he was named the assistant director of the Mission Office and became the director in 1956. He was also appointed as secretary to Joseph Cardinal Ritter. He was ordained a Bishop in 1957 in which he chose the motto, Ut Christus Regnet - That Christ May Reign. In 1967 he was appointed the Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Bishop had two priorities: Catholic Education and promoting vocations to the priesthood and religious life. He was known to be a man of prayer, fidelity to the Church, zeal for souls, and a simple man with tremendous joy. He founded our religious family in 1976. He also invited many other religious communities into the diocese. In his retirement in 1991, he conducted classes for young women in the spiritual life. During the summer of 1995, his sudden illness was diagnosed as cancer. A month and a week later the Bishop left this world peacefully on August 27, 1995.

Holy Death

FounderAs we knelt on the floor, looking through tear-stained eyes and with aching hearts, we beheld the upraised hand, strong even in its weakness, that once again bestowed on us a blessing - a triple Sign of the Cross - which was to be our final blessing from our founder and beloved father, Bishop Glennon P. Flavin. A little more than twelve hours later, on August 27, 1995, Bishop went forth to meet the King whom he had served so faithfully throughout his 79 years on this earth.

The strength of the upraised arm of Bishop Flavin, even at a time when his body was succumbing to progressively greater weakness, is to us a symbol of the man he was throughout his life. Even when it wasn't easy, when there was pain of one kind or another, he stood tall. He was always for God. He upheld the truth. When the temptations to lower the hand, to lay down the staff, to seek rest in the midst of the battle were the greatest, he was firm in standing with Christ.

FounderBishop Flavin was a man of strong convictions and he acted courageously as he fulfilled his duties as a priest, teacher, shepherd, and spiritual father. When he was ordained a successor to the Apostles on May 30, 1957, he took as his motto: "Ut Christus Regnet" - That Christ May Reign. This became the guiding force of his stewardship in the household of God.

Bishop Flavin had an extraordinary zeal that Christ be made known. This led him to accomplish great things for the Lord. His two priorities were Catholic education and promotion of vocations to the priesthood and the religious life. We have but to look around the Diocese to see the fruit of his labors. One fruit brought into existence by his tireless efforts to extend the reign of Christ is the School Sisters of Christ the King. WE, as a community, cannot but render endless thanks.

He has left us a tremendous legacy and a challenge to live out in our own lives what he has passed on to us - an immense love for Christ, an unshakable loyalty to the Church, a consuming zeal for the salvation for souls, a desire for sacrifice, detachment from things that hold us back from God, a willingness to forgive, a love for laughter, and a joy in life.

When the morning dawned on August 27, 1995, we knew the loss of even more than a great man of the Church. The hearty laughter is yet missed. We continue to count on his guidance and his prayers as our beloved founder and father as we strive to be worthy of his memory. Bishop Flavin, pray for us, as we pray for you.

Spirituality Of The Kingship

FounderBishop Glennon Patrick Flavin chose the motto UT CHRISTUS REGNET, That Christ May Reign, when he was appointed Auxiliary Bishop in Saint Louis in 1957.

When Bishop Flavin was named Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska in 1967 he continued to live out his motto by touching everything he did with the flavor of Christ the King ~ including His Sisters, whom he named The School Sisters of Christ the King.

The Bishop was desirous that every heart might know the compassion of Christ the King. He asked His Sisters to pray, sacrifice and do everything for Christ the King and for the salvation of souls. He wanted His Sisters to live totally under the Kingship and reign of their Spouse of Christ the King. He told us, "Let Christ reign in your heart and in the hearts of all you meet."

In Obedience to Christ

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