Our History


HistoryBishop Glennon Patrick Flavin founds the School Sisters of Christ the King. He sees a need for religious women in the schools in the Diocese of Lincoln to carry on the teaching of the Faith into the third millennium. He also sees that Catholic Education is imperative in forming an apostolic laity -- so that Christ may reign.

The first groups of Sisters to enter the School Sisters of Christ the King were sent to Villa Maria Motherhouse in Immaculata, Pennsylvania, to be trained under the guidance of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. These generous Sisters would train our fledgling group for many years to come.

The IHM's also assisted in staffing schools in the Lincoln Diocese beginning with St. Joesph School in 1979.


HistoryBishop Glennon Patrick Flavin arranges for a temporary Motherhouse to be built in Lincoln in order to move the initial formation program to Lincoln. The IHM's generously send Sister Regina Marion to be the formation directress in Lincoln and to help the religious sisters to set firm roots in the Diocese.


Bishop Glennon Patrick Flavin assists in the planning and building process of the permanent Villa Regina Motherhouse just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. His vision of the Motherhouse is that it is home to all the Sisters, who return to it every weekend for prayer, community life, study, recreation, and days of recollection. The construction of the Motherhouse enables the Sisters to grow together into a loving religious family.


HistoryBishop Flavin appoints Mother Joan Paul to be the Mother General of the community and with a Council of Sisters to assist her. Sister Regina Marion returns to Pennsylvania and ends the physical presence of the IHM Sisters in Nebraska. Their spiritual presence remains to this day.


The day before his death, Bishop Flavin gives his spiritual daughters a final conference in his home on living community life as a family.

On August 27, Bishop Glennon Patrick Flavin dies of esophageal cancer.


Entrance into the Kingdom, the Constitutions and Customs of the School Sisters of Christ the King, written by Bishop Glennon Patrick Flavin were approved by Bishop Bruskewitz and distributed to the Sisters. This document, written by the founder of the Community, brought about a deper love for the liturgy and living together as a family striving for complete holiness of life.


The School Sisters of Christ the King hold their first General Chapter and re-elect Mother Joan Paul as the Mother General. During the Chapter of Affairs, the professed Sisters study and discuss their  Constitutions and Customs, then submit constitutional changes to Bishop Fabian W. Bruskewitz for approval.



The School Sisters of Christ the King celebrate their 25th founding anniversary.

Photo: IHM's who served in Nebraska and members of the first "bands" of formation with the CK's who joined us for our Jubilee Celebration.


Mother Joan Paul, the first Sister to enter the community, celebrates her Silver Jubilee - 25 years of religious profession and consecration!


Our first "House of Studies" is opened in Saint Joseph Missouri. The Junior Sisters attend Benedictine College in Kansas to pursue their Education Degree.


Our Second General Chapter is held. Mother Joan Paul is re-elected Mother General. The Ratio Institutions is complete and reviewed for the use of the Community.


HistoryEpiphany House is completed, blessed and guest to many! The house sits north of the Motherhouse and was constructed to enable guests to experience the love of the King. It is used for vocation visits and retreats as well as family visits, and used by the community for days of recollection, recreation and retreats.


In our Third General Chapter Mother Joan Paul is again re-elected and the Sisters recommit themselves to evangelization, primarily through Catholic education. Bishop James Conley approves the Constitutional changes.